Shinho, Creator
Shinho, the visionary behind 'Silhouettes Of New Apes,' is an accomplished artist and designer specializing in visual communication and UX design, particularly in the public realm. His passion for blending art and technology has driven his exploration of NFT art. Shinho's unique perspective enriches the project with a profound understanding of the value of a decentralized system and the importance of visual substance. His commitment to art and pursuit of innovation underlies the project's success and the creation of an impactful NFT collection.
Shinho's art is a manifestation of neo pop art — art for everyone in modern everyday life. It transcends digital realms, making art an interactive and dynamic part of your world. This unique perspective adds layers of accessibility and engagement to the 'Silhouettes Of New Apes' project. With an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design, Shinho has collaborated with renowned clients such as Samsung, the City of Seoul, Nike, and the New York MTA, bringing his expertise to the intersection of art, technology, and community.
Spark, Information Architect
As the Information Architect of the team, Spark is the mastermind behind the development of our information structure and systems. With a diverse background in design and technology, she is also responsible for creating the scripts essential to our team's operations. Her meticulous organizational skills and effective communication are instrumental in creating a cohesive and engaging community around "Silhouettes Of New Apes." Having spent her 20s in the vibrant city of New York and the bustling brick city of Newark, Spark's exposure to diverse global cultures has greatly influenced her life and work.
Inky, Graphic Designer
Inky, our sincere Graphic Designer, brings the unique ape silhouettes of the NFT collection to life. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a flair for creativity, she meticulously crafts each artwork using advanced generative techniques. Inky's dedication to detail and passion for visual storytelling result in captivating and exclusive NFT PFPs that collectors proudly call their own. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design.

Seohee, Junior Assistant
Seohee, our Junior Assistant, may be the newest member of the team, but her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn make her an invaluable asset. She supports the team in various tasks, from research to development. Seohee's fresh perspective and determination to make a difference contribute to the project's growth. She has a double major in Linguistics and Cognitive Science and Knowledge Contents.
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