1. When can I purchase a SONA NFT?
SONA is available for purchase on the Rarible marketplace. As awareness grows, we will gradually introduce more pieces each day. Please note that the release schedule may evolve from daily releases to weekly or occasional ones.

2. Why aren't all the SONA NFTs released immediately?
We take a word of mouth approach compared to flashy launches. SONA integrates seamlessly into your everyday life, transcending trends. Our gradual release ensures a natural blending over time.
3. What is the mint price?
The mint price starts at 0.088 ETH for the public. Please note that in addition to the mint price, a gas fee is required. This fee covers the cost of processing your transaction on the blockchain.

4. How can I get on the whitelist?
While we have plans to occasionally offer whitelist opportunities to individuals through various channels like Twitter, Instagram, and Discord, please note that we will not be providing any whitelist options upon our initial launch.

5. Are there any items reserved for the team?
Yes, we have allocated 333 items for our team's assets and future giveaways which will be used to support the project's growth and community engagement. These items will be gradually minted over time.

6. Are there any rare items?
Absolutely, we offer a range of rare items including alien sona, skeleton sona, upside-down sona, and more. These rare items will be introduced randomly, and it's important to note that any item could potentially become a rare one by the end of our 3,333 release schedule.

7. What are the benefits for SONA holders?
SONA holders not only enjoy discounts at the upcoming SONA gift shop but also gain exclusive benefits such as discounts and early access to Shinho’s upcoming art projects.

8. What are the rights and guidelines for owning and using SONA NFT(s)?
You can resell them in their original form, enjoy them personally, and display them without alteration. Please note that commercial use and the creation of derivative products for sale are not allowed. Additionally, we may use your artwork for project promotion, always respecting the creators and maintaining the integrity of the original pieces.

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