"Technology decentralizes social systems and fosters democratic individuality."
Embracing the Era of New Apes
As apes evolve, a modern breed emerges with youthful appearances shaped by medical and cosmetic advancements. Prolonged screen exposure results in rigid necks and protruding lower lips, complementing neutral facial expressions devoid of emotion due to overexposure. This extended usage uniquely tunes their eyes to respond solely to silhouettes, influencing everything from hairstyles to accessories.
New Apes champion decentralization and individuality. They love being unique and free, creating a style that's all about them. Silhouettes aren't just shapes; they're the art of their special, decentralized world. Will you join the New Apes, embracing a future full of your own, unique style?
The Nature of Profiles: Silhouettes
At our core, we believe that our identity lies within our silhouette—the fundamental form of the human figure. Throughout history, profile portraits have been closely associated with silhouettes, and our mission is to carry this timeless tradition forward and evolve it.
​Drawing inspiration from ancient coins, the profile's side view emerges as a compelling visual expression, seamlessly blending essential information with an elegant style within a confined space. In the world of profile images, the silhouette reigns as the paramount visual asset, harmonizing functionality with irresistible aesthetic allure.
Just as everyone possesses a unique identity in reality, we set out to craft NFT PFPs that express individuality and embrace our essence in this decentralized world. Be yourself. Discover your SONA.
Unique Designs
Each NFT in this captivating collection is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, evolving from advanced generative techniques to personalized, one-by-one handcrafted designs, resulting in an array of captivating new ape silhouettes. While sharing a common foundation, each artwork is meticulously designed to showcase its own distinctive traits. This intricate approach guarantees an exclusive and individualized experience for collectors, presented in a form that is both elegantly simple and powerfully engaging.
Our creative odyssey commenced in October 2022, generating an impressive 3 million design variations. We carefully considered over 600 unique traits, including elements like hats, glasses, clothing, and accessories, to meticulously distinguish the silhouettes and encapsulate the essence of each individual. Through diligent efforts to rectify visual imperfections, we curated the most refined designs. Subsequently, we introduced new items and revised designs for enhanced value. This curation process, enriched with manual creations and special designs, culminated in the composition of our final, remarkable collection.
SONA: Where Art Transcends

In the realm of SONA, it transcends being a mere token; it is an intricately crafted art piece that rejects the confines of conventional utilities and pushes the boundaries of digital creativity.
Setting itself apart, SONA isn't focused on building a community but on curating a space where art takes the spotlight. Avoiding short-term gains, SONA follows a deliberate and sustainable journey, creating a unique connection with our discerning audience.
Meet Shinho, our visionary artist armed with top-tier professional design expertise, leading the charge in the art landscape. Shinho's art is a manifestation of neo pop art — art for everyone in modern everyday life. It goes beyond digital realms, making art an interactive and dynamic part of your world.
Unlock exclusive membership benefits for discounts and early access to Shinho's groundbreaking future projects, heralding a new era where art transcends expectations and takes center stage in the digital realm.

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