Embracing the Era of New Modern Apes
As apes continue to evolve, a modern breed emerges, distinguished by more youthful appearances attributed to medical advancements. Prolonged screen exposure results in rigid necks and protruding lower lips, complementing neutral facial expressions devoid of emotion due to overexposure. This extended usage has rendered their eyes uniquely responsive solely to silhouettes. For these contemporary apes, the significance of silhouettes is irrefutable, influencing everything from stylish hairstyles to captivating accessories.
Embracing the tenets of decentralization and valuing diversity, the New Apes fervently champion these ideals. Their passion finds expression in the realm of blockchain-based NFT art, setting them apart from the unfamiliar. Will you embrace the identity of a New Ape?
The Nature of Profiles: Silhouettes
At the core of our belief is the idea that our identity lies within our silhouette—the fundamental form of the human figure. Throughout history, profile portraits have been closely associated with silhouettes, and we aim to carry forward and evolve this timeless tradition.
The profile's side view, as seen on ancient coins, is a remarkably effective visual expression, conveying a wealth of information within a limited frame and offering the most immediately recognizable and identifiable form.
Just as everyone possesses a unique identity in reality, we sought to create NFT PFPs that express our individuality and embrace our essence in this decentralized world. Be yourself. Discover your SONA.
Unique Designs
Every NFT within this captivating compilation has been expertly crafted, utilizing advanced generative techniques that have resulted in a captivating array of new ape silhouettes. While each artwork shares a common foundation, they have been meticulously designed to showcase their own distinctive traits. This intricate design approach ensures an exclusive and individualized experience for collectors, all presented in a form that is both elegantly simple and powerfully engaging.
Our creative journey spanned 9 months, generating an impressive 3 million design variations. We thoughtfully considered over 600 unique traits, encompassing elements such as hats, glasses, clothing, and accessories, to carefully distinguish the silhouettes and encapsulate the essence of each individual. Through diligent efforts in rectifying visual imperfections, we carefully selected the most refined designs. This curation process was enhanced with manual creations and special designs, resulting in the composition of our final, remarkable collection.

This is Just the Beginning​​​​​​​
Our vision extends beyond the digital realm. We aspire to convey the essence of SONA through tangible mediums, leaving a lasting impact on art, technology, and decentralized communities. United by creativity and shared values, we forge a path towards a vibrant future in the metaverse and beyond as New Apes.

Additionally, the SONA team seeks to elevate awareness of our New Apes philosophy in this rapid changing world, manifesting it as a public art piece. Shinho’s art will inject vibrancy into our community, transcending both the digital and physical worlds.
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